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Passion for France

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At ServiceImmo we work every day on compiling a portfolio with the most beautiful, distinctive French homes. Your ideal dream house might be one of them.

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Culture & Vision

ServiceImmo employs people who are so passionate about France that they have often made the choice to relocate and enjoy French life on a daily basis. Our marketing and tech staff are often young people in the initial stage of their career. Our company is a fascinating team of colleagues with diverse backgrounds and skills and a flexible and hands-on work approach. We are foreigners living in France, but we share a passion for French rural life and do our utmost to make this dream come true for others. Moreover, we share the vision that our approach is based on an open and honest work relationship with the client.

Working with us means being part of a small, eager team operating in a pleasant working atmosphere and a changing work environment. Red tape is not our thing and as many activities as possible are automated or carried out online. This leaves us more time for personal contact with the client.

ServiceImmo core values

Our frame of mind, working with a smile, is based ona number of core values.


We are independent action-oriented people, driven by curiosity, enthusiasm,and the motivation to fulfil a dream. Both for the client and for ourselves.

Learning on the job

What we do today can maybe be done a bit better tomorrow. We are eager to learn and know every new sale may entail new lessons to be learned, on an interpersonal level as well as legally. We learn from each other and from each transaction to constantly improve our skills. We make mistakes, learn from them and start again. Until we reach perfection. We assess what we have done today and ask ourselves what can be done better tomorrow.


ServiceImmo cannot function without technology and correct operating software. We build a lot of that software ourselves such as the application used to share the property portfolio with third parties. This allows us to improve our software continuously. In addition, we control development, deployment, and updates.


We adapt to our clients, so our working days and hours are flexible and variable. Sometimes we have a quiet day, sometimes we have to run to giveeach client the attention they deserve. We constantly switch between several languages and can meet with an old Parisian lady in the morning and visit a home with a young family in the afternoon. This is definitely not a Monday to Friday job. Finding the perfect house in beautiful surroundings that meets the client’s wishes is the best way to end a busy working day.


We like to exceed expectations. We enjoy going the extra mile to surprise a client. But we also help new colleagues to become a successful estate agent. We assist them with the setting up of their own property portfolio andthe paperwork required to start their business in France.


Every ServiceImmo staff member has their own motivation and reason to work at ServiceImmo. Take a peek at the working day of our staff and discover their personal motivation.

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Estate agents

We are looking for enthusiastic full-time and part-time staff members in several regions/departments in France.

ServiceImmo is a real estate company focussed on quality and transparent and friendly assistance with the purchase or sale of a dream home in France.

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ServiceImmo is a real estate company focussed on quality and transparent and friendly assistance with the purchase or sale of a dream home in France.

Send us your CV and cover letter if you like to become part of the ServiceImmo team.

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Your future colleagues

Maarten van Riessen

Maarten van Riessen

Marinus van Raan

Marinus van Raan

What is my function at ServiceImmo? I am an estate agent in the west of the Nièvre department. My work area runs covers the zone between Clamecy and the Loire and the western part of the Morvan. Most potential properties are situated at about 45 minutes from my own home. What motivates me I take real pleasure in finding the right property for the right client. Whatever the client is looking for: A beautiful house that doesn’t require any work, a property to renovate, a holiday home or that fabulous chateau. Your dream is my motivation. And while looking for the ideal place,I enjoy the Burgundy landscape to the full!

Henri Martin

Henri Martin

What is my function at ServiceImmo? I am an estate agent in the centre of the Nièvre department. My work area is within a 45-minute radius of my home. I cover quite long distances. But I never tire of the beautiful scenery, it’s a pleasure to drive around in this department and see nature change throughout the year. I only select homes with an authentic feel and situated at dream locations. Fortunately, this area has plenty of those properties. What motivates me Every time I list a property that meets the requirements, I truly hope to be able to provide the seller with a reliable service and fulfil the buyer’s dream. The positive contact with people, through beautiful properties, gives me the greatest satisfaction. Finding thatnext perfect property is what keeps me going.

Kees Bleekemolen

Kees Bleekemolen

What is my function at ServiceImmo? I am an estate agent in the south-westof the Nièvre department. My work area is within a 30-minute radius of my home. Several times a week I explore the area to enjoy the scenery and view properties. Once I think a house is suitable for one of our clients, I list the property. What motivates me Finding the right home takes time. Sometimes you cannot find anything appropriate and sometimes you come across several perfect properties in one go. Finding the perfect home or the appropriate buyer for a client takes a lot of time and requires some creativity. Every successful transaction motivates me to keep going.

Ingrid Jansens

Ingrid Jansens

What is my function at ServiceImmo? I live and work in the south of the Dordogne department, covering the triangle Monpazier, Cadouin and Belvès. There is much to do and plenty of places to visit: beautiful towns and villages, the rivers Dordogne and Vézère, grottos, castles, hiking, biking,canoeing and much more. I personally think this is one of the most beautifulareas in France. What motivates me I enjoy driving through this beautiful hilly area looking for charming, authentic homes. I listen carefully to what the client has in mind and I keep searching until I have found the house thatis or can become their dream home.